I'm in need of a Notary, ASAP! Can anyone direct me? Thank you!

cctenney2003 :

I'm in need of a Notary, ASAP! Can anyone direct me? Thank you!

In GOSI Complex, Exhibition Road, you will find it (Ministry of Justice & Islamic Affairs) on the ground floor. Tel#17318998

Thank you!

cctenney2003 :

Thank you!

There's no need for a Thanks  :gloria

We're all here to help each other  :cheers:

what are their timming

7:30 to 2pm?

Yes usual timing as of Government offices , i suggest you go early , I was there once and waited like 2-3 hours for my turn :mad:

Yeah i came here for memorandum and AA for MY CR to print with stamp in gosi mall but they say go to financial hub...

And go early; went today at 11 and was told that they only issue 150 tokens in a day which have all been utilised so come tomorrow :(

i went 7:30 :D n got 2nd ticket

I think you need to explain the difference to members.

As far as I know, for documents that are to be submitted to the Government e.g. company formation or documents which need to be attested subsequently by bodies such as MOFA; the notaries at GOSI or MOIC are necessary.  As I believe that MOFA will not attest the stamp of a private lawyer, correct?

For private notarisation not requiring the above, such as oaths or affidavits or document certifications, you are correct.

Can I take the token on behalf of somebody else, so that he can arrive only at the time when the token no. is being called?

Well, as far as I observed the process, yes.  The guard gives you the token and then you go to a side counter where you explain to the person what you want.  They don't go through identification but just advise you what to say when you go to the notary and what you need in terms of documents etc.  This is relatively quick.

After that, the wait starts.

So you need to know what you need the token for and after that, you can hand it over.

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