new 1 year visa for married to Vietnamese.

I went to get a visa extension last week. I am married to a Vietnamese. They gave me a 1 year new visa. Multiple entry 145 US. Single entry is 50 US we have a pink book and family Book.
Hope this Is helpful.

for about USd 50,00 you cold nave a visa exemption, valid for 5 years. You would have pay/report each 3 month at your local police and a small stamp fee of something like 180 000 vnd

I already had that. She told me that new regulations mean you now need a new visa. TT.  Anyway I don’t like the stress. Every 3 months.

Something fishy there.. I just got my new VEC last month,
unless they suddenly cancelled all VEC think that was wrong move. did they cancel your VEC?

I have had the VEC for a long time. I just prefer having a 1 year visa without having to go through all the hassle of going to the immigration every three months. It doesn't make me feel settled or comfortable having such a short term visa. Yes, it is 50 dollars for a single entry and 145 for multiple, which is more expensive. The new visa called TT is up to 12 months.
It also saves on stamps in my passport. Getting a new UK passport is really expensive and takes a long time. This is an option. It's not essential. And no, I don't think anything 'fishy' was going on.

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