Speech therapist / Speech pathologist new to Suzhou, China

Hi all

I am setting myself up in China having recently relocated from Australia. I am a qualified speech therapist from a UK University and have been working at Universities in Australia for the past three years teaching students.

I'm hoping that I'll be able to continue working as a speech pathologist in China. I'm aware that there are a few services for children dotted around China but the profession is nothing like as large or recognised locally as it is overseas.

My areas of specialty is to work with people who had had a stroke or other forms of neurological injury who now experience difficulties with language, speech, and communicating in general. I also have experience in working with children having difficulties with various aspects of communication. I'm able to do face-to-face sessions or sessions via Skype. At present I am a monolingual English speaker and would therefore primarily be working with other native English speakers.

Based on your experience on these blogs and from what you know about Suzhou and China in general, do you think there is a demand for these services?

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Hi Chris, I've just seen your post. are you still in Suzhou? My son experiences some language disorders, we are looking for English speaking SLT service on regular basis in Suzhou or Wuxi where we are living. is it possible to get in touch with you? thanks.


Our child is facing a slight degree of language disorder. We would be very interested getting in touch wit you. I hope you're still reading this forum, I realize it's been a few months since your post. Would appreciate if you could be in touch.

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