stc 4g week speed

Hi I recently bought new STC modem and 3 months unlimited subscription 4G Sim I live in al wazarat area Riyadh  but I am getting very bad speed of only 1/2 mbps download speed and upload is almost 0.00 I am getting 2 bars constently and 3 bars sometime I tried all my rooms it is the same I complain to STC but of no use my problem not solved

I tried changing from auto to 3G/4G but again same result no real difference in Internet speed

Kindly anyone suggest how can I increase the speed because it is wrost now

If that router supports an antenna, try to use it to boost the signal coming from the base station. Or, try to use other network for comparison.

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Zain isn't fraud !

Dude , am using Zain , gives a speed of upto 30 Mbps  :rolleyes:

No limit on downloads , like Mobily or STC !

got zain 4g as well with full signals bar ... location olaya faislya tower... but speed is not more thn 2mb ... lol

The demand over STC is killing the bandwidth and weakening the connection that's the only explanation or STC has decided to apply fair-usage policy

If anybody working in STC can confirm/disconfirm  us any of this

I previously used to get like 22Mpbs from STC like 6 months ago or smth

same here.. last year i got really good speed .. but now ... aah :(

STC 4G modem is performing nice in normal conditions. But at some locations, as per the  towers, there may be problems. If 4G is not working properly, change to 3G from the modem settings. 3G also gives good speed for our normal activities.

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