Move to Bangkok with non-teaching partner

Dear All,

I have been offered a teaching post in Bangkok and I would love to take the opportunity. However, my non-teaching partner does not have a degree. How hard will it be for him to find work? His experience:
1 year in a bank.
10 months in admin role for local government authority in child safeguarding.

Any advice would be appreciated,

Thank you.

Slim to none,expats can't work in a Thai Bank,thai's only

sorry but there is no chance he can get a job in thailand.

the country has one of the strictest foreign employment policies in asia.

foreigners are only allowed to be hired except for certain positions.  the qualifications needed must not be available on the local job market; and their employment is at a premium.  the candidate must apply for a work permit / visa at a Thai embassy or consulate at their expense after signing the job contract.

most expats working in Thailand have expat contracts and were sent there by their home company.  not locally employed; except for very few cases.

to be honest with such qualifications it would be hard to get an employment even in the west.

good luck.


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There are many expats in Thai banks as vice president, senior vice president, directors. There are Indians from India on IT in Thai banks. Thai major banks have expats in there as Thais still lack the expertise in Banking as the field is very wide. It's not just savings, current and fix deposit but also in various loans, Forex, trust funds etc

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