Meeting People

I would certainly be interested in meeting new people on here from wherever.

I run my own bar here in Vienna, and making new friends & contacts vis various Networking sites (e.g. Inter Nations) but am always looking to broaden my horizons.

kind regards,


I would register The Tube Station under the buiness directory Barry

Hello The Tube Station,

Welcome to Expat-Blog..:)

It would be nice if you could register your bar in the section business directory- Pubs in Vienna.


Hi Yuveshen.

I have done that now.

It is nice to be part of the ex pat community site here for Vienna.

When i first came on, i wasn't aware of the directory, so i mentioned myself and my bar in a lot of initial posts to people which means i have been temporarily blocked from sending messages.

I hope now that as i am using the site correctly that this can be changed.

many thanks for your help,


Hello Barry,

Am glad that you have registered your bar..:)

I would advise you to participate on the forum and if you have information concerning a specific topic you can share it with members.



I'm looking to meet people in Vienna, too. Anyone interested please drop me a line or something. Here's more about me.


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