Move to Austria in December 2015

Hi all,

I will land in December and would like to start immediate job.  I am MBA, pakistani and Muslim.
Kindly advise about the rent of one bed room, salary package by nature of job. 

Kindly give me sincere advise.


Do you have a job?

Where do you want to live? Rent is different in different areas

Hello Imran,
Did you already get a Visa approval to come to Austria? Is it a Job search visa? What domain are you looking to work in? Salary packages will depend on your domain and experience usually worker communities or unions will have set a minimum for each position and the companies usually offer more than that, you will find this minimum on most job offers. Just a word of advice, if you are here to save money look somewhere else. You will have a great life in Austria, your salary will be great for one person, maybe two on a tight budget but it is not the place you come to to make a fortune, at least from my experience.

As for your religion, don't think of it as an important factor here, people just don't care from my experience. Just don't try to force it on your surrounding and you will be fine, you will probably be invited to work parties where you won't like some of what they offer for food and drink so be prepared. You will probably find it hard to find Halal meat in here, you might be lucky in speciality shops like arabic, turkish or pakistani shops. Back when I was in germany, my muslim friends ended up getting mostly Vegeterian food and Fish because of that. It's not that you won't find beef or chicken, it will just not be marked as Halal, so there is no guarantee the islamic way  was followed.  Then again depending on your area and the size of a Muslim community in your surrounding the local supermarkets might be getting Halal meat.

One last word of advice, if you are certain you're coming here by December, start learning German from now if you haven't already. It's not necessary but it is highly recommended, again from personal experience.

Learning German is a must, as for finding Halal, it is every where. There is a high number of Turkish in Austria and are Muslim. So you will not find it hard.

Much appreciated for your kind advise.  I m now confused about shud I come or not.  I would like to come with family.  Regarding job, I'm having masters degree, basically marketing/ trading guy.  Frankly I want to earn and see my fami.y on safer side. 

Plz comment as I need help.

Noted and shall proceed accordingly.

If you can do it, don't hesitate you will be happy here, life is nice your children will like it education and child care are awesome I hear health care is good, and if both you and your wife work it will be more than enough for a family I guess, again you will not get rich but you will be living in one of the best places in the world :).

The immigration process is not easy though, you have to be prepared for disappointment. You said you are coming in December do you have a Job search visa yet? If you don't you have to look into this. To get the visa there is kind of a points system depending on your education, your work experience the language you speak and so on. You will also need to prove that you can support yourself while looking for a job. Having a Job offer makes the process easier. In all cases your application will go to a "Job service" (AMS) which will decide  if your occupation is required, and in case you have a job if there are unemployed people in Austria / Europe that have priority over you and if the salary you are given is the on average the same that an Austrian / EU person will get for that position, this is to limit companies from hiring foreigners with lower salaries. After the AMS approval, you need the Foreigners department approval at the "Bezirkshauptmanschaft" local to the city you're moving to. This is also not hard, they will need to see your insurance and your home contract. The appartment you will rent needs to be big enough for the people living in it and this might sound strange but it also has to be legally built. When I first moved in I had the misfortune of moving to two different rooms that were either smaller than required or even not registered as part of the house. They will send a police officer to the room / appartment you rent to check it out. For me as a single person the requirement was that I need to have at least 13m² that is lockable. Another thing to pay attention to is that you cannot apply to the jobs on a tourist visa, I had a student visa from germany and had to go through a hell of a process to go to Austria. Had I applied from my country through the embassy directly it might have been simpler.
Hope this helps you a bit more. Viel Erfolg :)

hi. I am Zakria from Lahore. Where are you from. I am also interested in coming to Austria. How are you going there?
Please contact me

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Hi everyone,
My name is RANA. i am from Bangladesh currently living in ITALY. i have Italian carta soggirno and i would like to move to AUSTRIA. what can i do please can anyone give me some information.

You will need to go to the Austrian Embassy with the Italian carta soggirno.

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