Guy coming back in search of his roots.

Hello every body I am San!   I am 35 years old, working for an environmental impact assessment company editing there English transcripts and also teaching part time.  I hope to teach full-time because I feel that I can share my experiences and knowledge in hopes of helping the developing Country.

I came to Cambodia in search of my roots.  I've always seen pictures, listen to the music, watch videos, etc.  But never knew what Cambodia really was. 

Till 2 years ago I decided to make that trip...  Wha la, I'm here and living in the crazy, dirty, experiential kingdom.  I can't say I love it yet but I can't say I hate it.  Because with every bad there is a good.  But hey its an eye opener and a big learning experience.  I can say I've learn a lot.  Honestly I've never traveled out side of the US and this was my first.

I can say that its interesting living here because you never know who you will meet.  I can say that I have met some pretty cool people and became friends with.  I hope I can maybe meet you guys sometime maybe at a bar or something because that's where I like to hang out.

Well I don't know what else I can say so c ya'll later and have a great day.

Hi sanou01,

Welcome on board and thank you for your introduction :)

Feel free to post your questions if you do have any on the Cambodia Forum please :)

Thank you


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