Is my Salary ok for Villach? How is life there? About Safety

Hi All,
It seems a lot of people are going to Villach or =already moved there. :)
i got an opportunity in Villach as well, and i have some question, since you already moved or you have info, i would like to know :
1- is 40k still good ?
2- what is the disposable salary for month "note; we are couple with a kind" , i mean the average cost of life ?
3- Is Villach is a small bore country ? what 's the life style in weekdays and weekends?
4- I heard about racism against Muslims is that true ?, i'm a muslim and my wife wear a headscarf, what do you think ?
5- is it a place to reallocate for a long time 10s years, or short time ?
6- if you have more info to share, please do :D

Cheers, and hope you the best ;)

Hello aboon

Kindly note that since you participated on a thread dated 2011, I created a new thread as from your post on the Austria forum to help you get better responses.

While waiting for members to give you tips of the life and cost of living there, I would suggest you to browse through proper section of the forum to gather as much info as possible :

> Cost of Living in Austria
> Everday Life in Austria

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