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I'm in my late forties and looking at maybe semi retirement on the island.  I'm tired of the hustle of Houston and chasing the almighty dollar.  It seems the more we chase it the more we spend it.  I've found this blog and it is very informative.  I've been living in the southern states for the last 10 years so winters are not friendly to me anymore.  My wife and I have no real interest in returning to Canada.  I've been perusing blogs and websites on places to either retire or semi retire on a military/medical pension.  I want it to be an island for the tranquility and a lot less stress   I've been hearing that the cost of living on islands is expensive due to the fact your on an island.  After reading this blog is seems that the DR is bucking the trend.   I read the blog about the cost of living and it seems more than reasonable on a budget.  Here are a few questions for anyone that might have answers to them:

1.  If you come in on a retirement visa can you get part time work? 
2.  Is there any possibilities of getting part time work?
3.  What are the regulation in regards to bringing pets (dog)?
4.  Is it more difficult to find good housing that will accept pets?
5.  My wife is into equestrian activities (Dressage)  is there any good stables or equestrian clubs around?
6.  My pension is approximately $3000.00 CDN a month, from the posts I've seen this should be ok, right?
7.  What areas would be recommended, we love the beach, have nice drinks in establishments (not dance clubs) and going to movies?
8.  If I were to work Internationally would I still need a work visa?

Any other information that you would of wished to have once you decided to make the move would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.

Hydrosurveyor welcome to the forum.   Lots of good folks here with lots of good information and thoughts, so do feel free to ask away.  Personally my wife and I moved here full time 9 years ago and have not looked back for a second and yes do  your homework before making any major changes.  I will try to answer some of you questions:

As far as work goes yes you can work after you have applied for your residency and cedula as well as you RNC (tax id) number to work here legally.  The government is starting to move to require all living here to get at least their residency and Cedula.  Some time in the not too distant future this will be required. Think of it as your "green" card. Do understand that wages here are VERY low.  The average Dominican worker makes $200-$300 dollars a MONTH!

Yes very easy to bring your dog here.  You need a health certificate from your vet at home, and an  up to date rabies (has to be with in a year)  They do not recognize the 3 year shots here.  Also if your dog has to fly in the baggage area they will not ship dogs in the winter months and the airlines won't ship pug nosed dogs in  cargo (like bull dogs).  Finding rentals that allows dogs can be difficult.

There are two or three very good equestrian centers here in the Sosua/Cabarete area.

Your budget ($2400 US) should be fine but you will find it a bit tight at times.  However you should do fine with that amount

We live in the Sosua/Cabarete area (actually between the two towns but closer to Sosua) and we go to dinner in town all the time with lots of the places having live music on multiple night.  There are a fair amount of "ladies of the night" about but they quickly recognize you as "non Players" and leave you alone.

If you have your residency and cedula you do not need to worry about a work visa.

Hope this helps.  Again welcome and please ask away.

Bob K

Bob K - would that budget work better if you had no mortgage or rent?

Yes much better as rent can be $200-$2000 a month depending on what you want.

Bob K


Welcome to the forums!   First your budget is doable depending on your required standard of living! And of course your location......

Work here -  you need your residencia and cedula but NOT an RNC unless you open a business. Individually your cedula can be registered so you can do contract work.

part time work is HARD to find and almost does not exist.  But you can create your own income!   

International work -  the DR law is territorial in nature. Meaning if your feet are on the ground the law applies.  SO, technically if you work "internationally"  but live here you should be legal here.  But, reality many work online and never declare it here. 

AREAS  it is a good idea to check out the various areas of the country!  North coast is great - lots of expats there.  Punta Cana,  lots there but the cost of living is much higher. I am in La Romana - cost of living is fairly low, I am 4 minutes from a beach.......  My guess is you will want to avoid the big cities.....LOL

Planner I should have been more clear on the RNC number. Thanks for pointing that out.

Bob K

no worry honey....

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