How to open a recovery house in Santo Domingo, DR

Hi love, could you please send me all the information i need to legally open a Recovery Home will be much appreciated.

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Hi Planner!
Can you msg me too? You are so insightful

You betcha.

Can you please message me as well..

    I wanted to know if you could give me the low down on opening a recovery house in the Dominican Republic as a foreigner. Was it a hard process? How long would it take? I know I need to get a lawyer but what else would I need to secure. I plan to come there and visit the area first just to get a feel for the atmosphere and then go from there. Did you open yours? How is is going?
   I know a lot of people who are going to the area for surgery and I want to be able to provide a safely ran place to recover. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Can you message me the information as well?

I will message you privately, no problem.

Hi there everyone I have been to the Dominican Republic for Sx a few times and would love information on how to start one.  Thanks any information is good information

I will message you privately.

Hello planner, I’m also interested, can you send me the info please?

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Can you DM me about this information PLEASE? You are a pro at this!

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Hi Planer,

I'm interested in opening a RH in Dominican republic. Could you please suggest the best way to get information for my market analysis and any other contact info that would be useful in my research.

Thank you

Happy to. I will private message you

Hello, may you share the information with me as well? Thanks. @planner

Happy to do so.  I will message you.

Hello new to group any info on opening a recovery house in DR would be helpful

I will send you a message honey!

Hi Planner! May I have the information you're providing to open a RH in Santo Domingo. A few months back, I noticed some of the laws, rules, and regulations changed... :-/ So, I just want to stay as up to date as possible. Thank you!

Yes the laws have changed. We know some of the new ones but not all of them!  They should be updated in next couple of months.  For example now each bedroom must have its own bathroom -  no going down the hall.  That will cause a lot of issues in existing homes.

Hi Planner, can you send me the info as well, thank you!

Hey I have the same idea but different country I would appreciate any advice or mentorship to point me in the right direction thank you.

The industry is very different in other countries so I don't believe I can help.  YOu need to find someone there to help you.

Hi @Planner i would like the info on this this is something i have been exploring

I will private message you honey.

Hello 👋🏽 planner... I am also lookin to open a recovery house in the DR... can u privately message me a start up checklist as to where location should I open it. and what do I need besides finding and renting the place to get it off the ground?? Thank you 🙏🏽 kindly

I  am messaging you now.

Hello can you inbox me the info that was giving to you to start a Surgical Recovery House in DR also? Please and Thank you in advance or you can email me at ***

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Hello can you inbox me info to start a Recovery home in Dominican Republic. Please and Thank you in advance

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Thanks, they don't search or or read the applicable threads.  You posses the patience that I no longer have.

Please narrow the question. Recovery can cannote, drugs, phyisio, surgery, mental among others. What excatly do you mean?  Perhaaps the, wemay  be of assistance.

Check your email I emailed you directly hun. I have the experience in this field having opened one myself.

Tinker I am handling this thread, we all know exactly what they are referring to.

Thanks, I will check my emails hon.

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Sorry that my lack of vision has extended itself into the missing of what apparently, you all know!   Perchance my advanced age has caused the relative meanings of words to have been transformed into a static condition where they only have one perception.  Alas, my education has been by-passed & placed me in a position of ignorance.  I somehow have placed "recovery" into an area that no longer exists. Is this an example o the dumbing down of education, or am I asking too much from those of lessor questions?  Have no fear, I take no umbrage at all, just a tinge of sadness at the loss of the language.  I truly hope that what has been lost shall be recovered.  (only partially tongue in cheek) wish.   I acknowledge my ignorance, do you all do the same?

Bigger off Tinker.  It's no big deal....

Hi Planner, can you message the information as well.

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