How to open a recovery house in Santo Domingo, DR

I am thinking about opening a recovery house in santo domingo for women to recover from surgical procedures.  Medical Tourism is big and its not slowing down.  I would be providing laundry services, meals, nurses 24/7 and security.  I would appreciate some advise on business laws and taxes out there. I live in the US and I will be traveling back and forth with local staff hired running the place. Would I have to register the company in DR? Do I have to register the business at all? do I have to declare that money in USA as income since it wasn't earned in USA? 

I'd appreciate any business contacts? Any direction I should go to start?  Yes, I have vacationed in Punta Cana,  Puerto Plata, Sosua and Santo Domingo, all in all I've visited DR 8x.  My father is Dominican from La Vega.  I have not stayed in the county for more than 10 days. 

Any advise is appreciated.  Thank you

Yes to almost all of your questions.  You will need to hire a lawyer here to get this going.  There is a lot of red tape, applications to made, taxes to be paid and on and on.

Yes any income you earn here needs to be reported to the US on your yearly income tax filings as well if you are a US Citizen. 

Have you determined a need?

Bob K

Thanks for your reply Bob.  So a lawyer should be my first contact in DR? Yes I am a US citizen.

As to your question for need? Need in terms of business needs?  Medical tourism is very very popular in DR And through experience (not personal) the limited recovery houses currently available are not up to par or are lacking the services some of these women are custom to back home.  I'd like the experience to be like being at a facility on 5th Avenue.  Makes sense?

I am not sure. You need to come and visit and see what is available first hand rather than rely on other's experiences.

Secondly remember these folks are coming here for bargain care (and some real disasters) and want to keep expenses as low as possible.  So most will not be looking for the 5th avenue experience (and expense). 

Please do your homework before starting an venture.

Bob K

The after care is the most important part after having surgery.  There is definitely a need for a real recovery house.  I have had many women in my family have surgery in DR and stay and 4 different recovery homes and were not satisfied to say the least.  5Th avenue experience but not pay 5th avenue prices. 

I will continue to do my homework but I do plan to be up running before the end of the year.

Thank you

Yes there is a need. Where, how,  how much,  etc are all questions needing to be answered.  I can recommend a good lawyer to you in Santo Domingo  Wilson Rood wilsonrood[at]  he will understand what you need.  I can also recommend a good firm to do some market research for you, help you with a number of other issues including understanding the labor code here. It is a killer!!!!

Also you will need really good people in place to manage this when you are not around!  Keep asking questions!

Hi Planner,  thank you for the recommendation i'll be in touch with Wilson.  Can you please help me with the firm for the market research, i am definitely interested in that as well. 

There is definitely a need for the business but you are right there are many unanswered questions but  Location is key.

Thank you for the information.

Before you go too far you might want to do some investigation into the quality of plastic surgery here in the DR. With multiple deaths and horrible outcomes.  I am not sure if legal net would spread to you if you are providing post op care.

Here is a recent article published today: … nqualified

Bob K

Have you got any answers

Hi all anyone know of a good place is puerto plata for Botox. Thank you

None that I know of!

Thanx planner. What's the weather like for me arriving next Friday ? Lol. Anyone any news for a job for me yet?  Just thought I would ask. Thanx planner

Hello, did you ever start the recovery house in the DR? If so, please help me get started. If not, what changed your mind?

I am looking at opening up one also.  I am trying to get any information on the process, laws, ways to hire good local staff ect... any and all information will be helpful.

I would love to get any information you have on the subject also... I too am opening a recovery house in Santo Dominngo, DR. and I know that there is a lot of information I need to know.

I will message you privately

Hi Planner, you seem to be pretty knowledgable in this subject; Im interested in the same area of business. Would you mind inboxing me info on a good area to look, how to locate the zoning or any other laws that I need to be aware of or any other starting points (I saw the lawyer post)? Thank you in advance

Happy to message you privately on this.

Hi Planner I am interested in opening a surgery recovery house in Santiago DR as well, could you assist me?

I can help with the due diligence you guys will need regarding those medical businesses. First look up where the dr ranks in the country lists for: ease of doing business, and...economic freedoms.   Let us know what you find.

Nothing to do with that colonel.

Yes Wilson I will message you

Planner, It has a whole lot do with opening a business that the dr ranks way down at.....economic freedom 76.....ease of doing business99,. Corruption 120. It seems like you don't want people to know these facts.   González, do YOU think they're important?

Could you please provide me with the reference/ resource for these numbers so that I can read more of the details? Thank you

Opening a new business yes Colonel i agree with you. In this particular case there is a widely established business model and they are open already and run by foreigners as a general rule. I work specifically in this area. 

I certainly want people to know on a general level. However I can tell you it can be done and people are making money in this industry!

Heath,. just Google those terms and you'll find various lists and sources.

Good thing I never said it CANT be done, it's just much harder in countries like the dr that are so dismally low.   And naive gringos should factor it into their due diligence.

Alright- thank you

Absolutely. Colonel did you read the recent govt announcement to change the system such that you can open a company in 3 days?  I laughed so hard I almost hurt myself!!!!

Seriously?? It took me a lot longer than that to just get my US LLC registered in DR, and it's a 2 week process to get a business bank account opened!

Yes they go from  6 weeks to  3 days. I do not think so.

And yes at least 2 weeks to get a business bank account opened. Imagine. It really is ridiculous here sometimes.

Oh and of course to make this process change - they had to get a committee together to "study" the issue and report back.  LOL  I really did laugh my ass off.

You could fill a 1000 page book with all the "new regulations, laws, principles" and such that have been put in place and never worked or never started.  It is a joke sometimes.  There is something to the phrase...the more things change the more they stay the same.

Bob K

Hi could you please let me know about where to get started? I have contacted Wilson Rood and awaiting a response. I head out to Puerto Plata January 17-22 and want to travel to Santo Domingo while I am out there to start getting information about this. Please advise on where I can get a limousine service while out there and whom I’d need to reach out to meet with in person and what questions to ask.

Good morning g and welcome to the forums. I can help you with this. I know the process, the costs etc. I will send you a private message. I am also in Santo Domingo.

Thank you very much ! Yes please send the info. I have gone as far as reaching out to Wilson Rood and he’s been helpful thus far. I’d just like to know any other additional info you can provide that would be helpful. Thank you !!! 😀

I sent you a private messages honey.

Hi planner, is it possible to message me as well? I am seriously considering opening my own and would like to do a bunch of researxh and planning first before anything. Thank you so much in advance as well.

I am messaging you now.

Hi! I too am interested in learning more about this process. Do you mind sending me the info as well? Thanks in advance! - Jae

I sent  you a private message.

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