badminton play in Kigali


everybody, any one knows is there indoor badminton courts here in Kigali? thanks, or any one love playing badminton in Kigali? please contact me. by sending message pls  tks

I would like to have a sports team,active and consistent..jogging,swimming,badminton are my preferred sports of choice.

In addition,i have been trying to find where i can watch a live play/drama

Badminton in kigali ??

Hi joebey,

This thread has been inactive for more than a year. I'd request you to create a new one or post an ad in the Kigali classifieds under the Sport partners category if you're looking for people to play badminton.

Good luck.


Sarvesh team

me also miss to much badminton but i miss indoor court  at Rwanda even at kigali


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