Where is the cheapest wine shop in Bali?

Prices of alcoholic beverages went up again. I used to pay 150.000, then 160.000 for the local gin, vodka en tequila. Now they ask 180.000. So, I wonder, where in Bali can I find these beverages (and also Alexandria wine) at the cheapest price?



We are 3 years later and I am still waiting for some help  :)

Nobody drinking wine or so in Bali? ...

I would like to think if you are in Bali you would have already started looking? You can pick up the local wine Hatten in most supermarkets and stores and its not that badly priced. If you are looking imported alcohol then be prepared to pay.

There used to be a supermarket under the Matahari in Kuta Square which was cheap when it came to buying wine but I am not sure if it is still there. In December I saw Hatten wine for 280k a bottle which was okay but the Bali cider was less than 50k and cold so I bought that instead.

Well, I did buy wine and spirits during the past years, but I am still looking for the best place to buy. BTW, the official price for Hatten wine is 172.000. In supermarkets you can usually buy them around 165.000. I just bought 4 bottles in my Sanur wine shop for 145.000 per bottle. Gordon dry gin was 600.000, so I bought the local Gilbey's for 200.000. The imported alcohol is ridiculously expensive (largely due to 200 % import tax). The government doesn't care. One or two years ago Harley Davidson and a car manufacturer (Audi?) decided to stop exporting to Indonesia because of the ridiculous taxes. But the government still doesn't care.

For those interested: the cheapest wine shop I know is -8.679423, 115.258506 on google maps. Around 50 meter BEFORE Kimia Pharma. There is another around 300 meter further, also reasonalby prices according to Indonesian norms

Don't settle for the bootleg stuff.
Oooops but many throng the bars for bootleg!
Lots of counterfeit liquor in circulation.
Many have paid with their life's

Buy duty free or at Hardy's (our fav store).
More expensive does not mean genuine.
Keep your sanity (and soberity hics)
Go local. Go beer. Go Bintang.  :dumbom:

Local Gilbeys???  :lol:
Great sense of humor Tops Pop !
BTW don't drink anyways. Sanur is Tops too.

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