Schools for my kids

Hi there,
We may move next school year. I have a kindergartener and 7th grader. Any good schools for kids -- in English? We are Canadian.

I saw St. George's--any word on it? What is an International Baccalaureate cool and is that designation important? I think there is another school but I can't find the link at the moment.


Where (which city) will you live?
That basically defines which international schools are relevant for your kids.

Sorry! We're looking at Cologne.

Hello, My wife and 13 year old son are moving to Kaiserslautern. We are looking for a private/international or even a Christian school for our son. We are Military but do not want to use the DODEA school system. Thus far we have only found the International School Neustadt. Are there any more out there. I was only able to find two reviews on this school. One was ok or good. The second was not so good. I got the same results for the Military schools. Any advice would be great!

Thank you

Kaiserslautern is a smaller city, so you cannot expect many international options.
But why are you ruling out local schools? Your kid would need some time to learn the language, of course (many schools offer preparatory classes for foreign kids in this situation), but this would give him a headstart in life and a much better chance to have a sense of belonging and feel at home.

Neustadt is almost an hour drive from Kaiserslautern, so this might not be a viable option. A short Google search showed an "International School Westpfalz", which is less than 30min from the city:
I also found one religious school (run by the catholic bishopry) in the city, but they offer only up to Realschule (which excludes university access):

Hi, I'm in Edinburgh and was looking for the same information as I have a 14yr old son who does not speak German but we are working on it..He won't be able to understand much even by the fall.

Have you had any success as far as schools or bilingual school as I feel like I'm hitting a dead end at times..

Well good luck and if you find anything out would you be kind enough to pass it on to me as well...please


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