Name of a vet in the North

Hi all

I was told there is a very good vet in the north of Mauritius but do not know his name or number - is there anyone who can give me his contact detail asap as I need to take my dog through to him for a second opinion!!

Many thanks

HI the Vet is in Pointe aux Cannonier - number 263 8646

Thank you so much for the info!

is there any vet in the south who is available all the time?

The MSPCA also has a vet in the north located in Calodyne.  I believe these numbers work for them: 282 0575 and 421 2159.

Vetocare Clinic has very good vets. They cover different parts of the island I think but their main clinic is in Curepipe

Not sure if msaw offers the best treatments. More for locals i think

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