job in hotel or resturant in burnei

Hi beppi.
Our one client have 3 graduation degree and one year diploma in food and beverage management from singapore.
3 year degree passed from indian and 1 year diploma from singapore.
Unluckily he could not get s/ e pass bcz of company dnt have quota.
Now he want job in burnei.
How to find same profile job in burnei.
Can he travel as a tourist then he can try to  find ????
Plz help beppi.
Waiting for your reply.

I assume you mean Brunei, the small country surrounded by Malaysia on the island of Borneo?
In that case you better post your question to the Brunei forum - you are more likely to find knowledgeable people there!

Ok sry
Can you tell me about ica department of singapore.
If someone have completed his/her tep in singapore.
Then after he/she want to come in singapore again for study.
Ica will check his previous record from mom or ica will confirm from company.
I mean all document check by ica from mom.

This is a separate question and off-topic here. You should thus have started another thread.
To answer in short: All Singapore government agencies are networked and retrieve their information from the same central database. Thus ICA will see all the applicants history and previous dealings with officials, including MoM.

Hello lee jhon,

I would like to inform you that I have moved your post on the Brunei forum so that you can get the more information.

You can have a look at the forum Information on visas in Brunei so that you can know more about the procedures.

I would advise you to create your CV on the section Jobs- Hotel, catering, bar, restaurant and tourism jobs in Brunei so that employers can contact you.

Thank you

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