where to get a custom made party wear/evening gown

Is there any place in Riyadh where I can get custom made evening gown/party wear? Preferably a place where they can make the dress in there own material!

Hi there!, If I ever get there I will make you one. I am a professional dressmaker hoping to have something to do when we get moved.

In Shamesi there is whole street and they customize beautiful gowns

Dear FS,

Are you referring to Souq Makkah right opposite to Salaam Park on service road of King Fahad Road?

I will be there soon... (I'm sure not soon enough)..
My machines are being shipped.
I am custom dress maker and sewing teacher..

Hi! Are you in Riyadh now? Would really love your help!

Hi Carebear,

Did you make it to Riyadh?
I am currently looking for a professional dressmaker in Riyadh.
Please let me know!

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