ideally looking for service oriented NGO opportunity

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New to forum & blog.  Recently retired USAF senior officer, seeking a return to Afghanistan after having served tours there in 2006 & 2007 ... ideally looking for service oriented NGO opportunity.  Doesn't need to pay well, just provide a sense of purpose helping rebuild the culture and country.  Can be "indian" or "chief" ... doesn't matter, whatever the team needs.

Advice appreciated.


Hello there are many NGOs operating here, although not as many in 2007 ...NGOs typically recruit from abroad so your best bet is to register onto several key websites such as, and  Most of the positions get posted onto these sites.  Or, you can always make a trip to Af. on spec, come over for 30 days on a tourist visa and try to network on the ground. However, foreign people in country these days have almost no movement priviledges; the security firms do not let them go anywhere. Also, mostly all of the restaurants closed. Even die hard places like Gandemack and Golden Key are closed, so there is no gathering place for NGO workers.  Most likely you would come here and only meet the people staying in whatever hotel you booked into. Most NGOs stay isolated in their guest houses. I never get to meet any NGO workers anymore.  Its a shame, networking has become too difficult over here now.  You can also research what NGOs have programmes running here and send your CV directly to them ...Also send your cv to the big contractors and USAID-preferred implementers such as Chemonix, ASI, ( Adam Smith Intl), DAI, Counterpart Intl, Louis Berger Group, ect ...All of them have donor funded projects out here ...Good luck!  Regards, Mare.

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