Boat building

Exploring the idea of getting a boat built in Bangladesh. Not a business, rather a personal project.  Chittagong and Dharka clearly have a vibrant boat building tradition. Boats for local conditions and economy. These vessels appear practical and tough but the aim of the builders or a customers requirements  locally is not for a fine finish.

That's the question I'm interested in-  Can a high quality boat be built If technical support along with suitable materials are provided?

What type of boat it is? Made by wood or motor boat? I have a friend who is working in this sector. May be he can help you.

That is a very hard question. It depends on the boat type, material and technology used etc. With good material, competent people and good technical background you can build your boat on the orbit. :D As Bangladesh goes I bet material and tech wont be a problem but maybe you gonna have a trouble to find a people with more experience in the field. On the other hand, people there can be hardworking and precise. If you compare it to some boat manufacturers in Europe (nasty example), they are certainly more enthusiastic about their work.

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You are very lucky to deal with quality companies. My acquaintance bought a yacht, but the manufacturer company deceived him and now he lost a lot of money. He wrote about it on his blog. You can view.
Now I do not know whether it is worth to contact this company, because I had a dream to buy their yacht. How do you think it is worth buying a yacht from them?

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