Single 30-something female in Albania

Good Morning! I may be moving to Albania for a teaching position in the fall, possibly Durres, possibly Tirana.  I am single, 35 years old and looking for some insight on life in this country.  While I am very excited about this possible opportunity, I worry about loneliness and isolation since I am not a brand new college graduate. Is it easy to meet people in their late 20's to early 40's? What are some views of women in Albania? What are some good things to know about daily life? I have so many questions like can I find places to buy cosmetics, modes of transportation, navigating the country not knowing the native language, etc.

Thanks for any helpful feedback!

love to tell you all about it but there is so much to know and experience.  If and when you do take up the position be happy to meet up with you.  I have been living here 4 years now and love it but certainly it is very different and at times frustrating but then so many other plus sides.  let me know if you do come as love to meet a fellow expat.  all the best Jennie ( I live between durres and tirana).

Hi Jennie - Thanks for the reply and I definitely will be in touch should I move there this coming summer! All the Best.

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