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I will visit Brazil this April with my wife to give birth with our first baby in sha'a Allah, the main target is to get the Brazilian Passport for my child, I have read many articles regarding this but still hane some unanswered questions..

1- we have only one month tourist visa, we will arrive one month and half prior the delivery date, is it easy to extend the visa for another 3 months, or it will be extended for one month only?
2- I am in dilemma in choosing the city based on the type of birth required(which is natural birth) , giving birth cost and existing of helpful immigration consultant in the city who can speed the process of getting the permanent visa and the child passport, since we are planning to go back home (Sudan) after two or three weeks maximum after giving birth.   
Till now I have being suggested Floripa where can I find my way through the natural birth and it is affordable as well although I do not any hospitals or doctors over there, another one suggested Curitiba, but in both cities I am not sure whether the process of getting the passport and getting the protocol number at least for permanent visa will fast or not?

these are the main issues, others will come later, waiting your response,

thanks in advance,,


Hi Mohamed,

It depends on the kind of VITUR Tourist Visa that you have been granted whether or not you will be able to extend it. If you've been granted a single use visa valid for a 30 day visit then you will not be able to extend your stay.

If you have been granted a 5 year, multiple entry visa then you can extend your stay. You need to look at the text at the bottom of the visa (see red arrow in photo below). If it states that the visa is valid for 5 years then you're ok. If not then you should check with the Consulado-Geral do Brasil in Sudan to find out if you will be able to extend your stay. Since the stay is limited to 30 days, it's quite likely that any extension will also be limited to 30 days.


Once the child is born you will have to register the birth at the Cartório de Registro Civil in the city where the birth takes place and obtain a Birth Certificate. You will need to apply for the child's passport at the Federal Police passport office, this takes several days to a few weeks depending on how busy they are. I think your time frame is a bit tight for you to accomplish everything if you can't get an extension. The child WILL NOT require a Permanent Visa, since he/she will be automatically a Brazilian citizen.

If you and your wife are intending to apply for "Permanência Definitiva com base em filho brasileiro, then you'll both need to have all the documents ready for the application BEFORE you arrive in Brazil. You won't really need to worry about YOUR Tourist Visa situation if the child is born here, since the application for permanency MUST be accepted regardless of your visa being expired when the permanency application is based either on marriage to a Brazilian or based on a Brazilian child.

Read the following topic for more information about the process to apply for permanency in Brazil.


James      Expat-blog Experts Team

thanks Mr. James, I Appreciate your effort to help me :) ... what is written at the visa is that " valid for 30 consecutive days from date of entry...first entry within 90 days from date of issue...not valid for work or study" , and it is a multiple entry visa as well. Anyway, I will ask the consulate as you said..

if they give me an extension for another 30 days, when these extra 30 days will start? starting from date of expiry of the first 30 days, so the total will be 60 days, or starting from the date of issuing the extension,so the actual total will be less than two months?

I have read your topic "IMPORTANT NEW CHANGES FOR THOSE APPLYING FOR PERMANENT VISAS"..It was published in September, do they really make the procedure faster now?
If we applied for VIPER after the child birth, are we going to get the permanent visa immediately and we can go back home and come to Brazil after few months to receive the "Cédula de Identidade Estrangeiro" ? since we are not planning to stay in Brazil in this stage..and do we have to wait for the child passport issuing to apply for VIPER or we can apply after getting the birth certificate directly?
may I know what kind of documents required to be prepared BEFORE coming to Brazil for applying to VIPER?
Any tips for the cities where the process can be done faster with affordable prices for giving birth?


Under the new system being used you apply for permanency, register in the RNE and apply for the Cédula de Identidade Estrangeiro ALL AT THE SAME TIME. These used to be 3 separate steps and each one had to finish before you moved to the next. It was taking 2 years or more just to be granted permanency.

Now that has all changed...

If all the paperwork is in order and all present then you are granted permanency immediately, you are registered in the RNE and the only part you WAIT for is the Cédula which they say will take 60 days to produce (Some get theirs sooner others take longer). Your passport gets stamped to reflect your permanent status;

Once you've been granted permanency you are allowed to be outside Brazil for up to 2 years before you would lose PR status, so many come back to Brazil for a quick visit every 2 years just to avoid losing permanency. (No minimum stay limit - just an entry and exit stamp in your passport restarts the clock).

If you have all the necessary paperwork ready upon arrival and have the child here, I personally would recommend that you remain in Brazil at least until you have received the Cédula if you can afford to do so. It has to be picked up in person, the Federal Police will not mail it out and it cannot be picked up by a third party. Once you've got your permanency then you simply present your Cédula and passport whenever entering or leaving Brazil. they stamp your passport and away you go.

James     Expat-blog Experts Team

thanks so much James, this is really an helpful reply.. one last question,what I understood from your reply is that my passport will be stamped IMMEDIATELY to reflect my permanent status, meaning that I will be allowed to leave Brazil for long time but it has to be less than two years(NOT ONLY 90 DAYS LIKE BEFORE), the only thing I will miss is receiving the Foreign ID Card "Cédula de Identidade Estrangeiro" which I can come any time later to Brazil to receive it during these two years..please correct me if I did not understand you correctly..

thanks again,,

That's correct, but you really should consider waiting to get the ID card before you leave if at all possible. The longer it is left sitting at the Federal Police the greater the chance of it being misplaced, and they're going to wonder why you waited so long to pick it up. But yes, your passport will immediately get stamped as "Registrado como Permanente", provided of course all the documents for your application are present and in good order.

And you are also correct, you would be able to stay out of Brazil for up to two years, not 90 days as before.


thanks so much James, that was really helpful, for me I can not wait for 60 days to receive the ID card, but I may try to come after 3 months to collect it.
thanks again,,

when you have the baby, you will have to get the baby registered at the cartario and they will give you a birth certificate. With the help of this certificate and a few of your papers you need to visit the policia fed. In my case they issued us a protocol immediately since we had all the papers ready. Based on this protocol you are now eligible for the RNE . You can also apply for your cartario de trabalho now.  However, you will also need to apply for the babys passport and that is done in 1-2 working days for an emergency one. They hospitals in floripa will charge you around 4-7500 reis for the birth. AND since your wife will be in her 8th month, they will not opt for a natural brth. MOSt of the women here opt for ceaserians. I have gone through this process and had to fight for my right. Its very important to find the right doctor .I was lucky.
Also, I would suggest Florianopolis for the birth.

That's absolutely correct!!! Brazil probably has the world's record for Caesarian births. Sadly, most of them here are done for convenience of the doctor and not out of necessity. You really have to fight to get somebody to do a natural childbirth.

James        Expat-blog Experts Team

thanks soie5 and James, these are really good information which will help me in sha'a Allah.



I need to know, is BUPA medical insurance acceptable in Brazil and how is their hospital network?

Are you guys expecting a baby ?

Dear Sir,

Hope this message finds you well, I am planning to visit Florianopolis soon to have our first baby there and I would like to ask about ( all the paperwork is in order and all present in order to grant permanency ).

1) What exactly are these papers?
2) If it is in English, should I translate it to Portuguese?
3) Should I stamp these papers from  the local Brazilian Consulate where I live ?

Your guide is appreciated

These are the requirements.

Request for stay based on Brazilian offspring

Request for stay based on Brazilian offspring, as provided for in MJ Ordinance No. 4/2015 and related legislation (article 75, II, "b" Law No. 6815/80 and RN No. 108/2014 CNIg):

Own request, available at  https://servicos.dpf.gov.br/sincreWeb/

Two (02) 3x4 size pictures, recent, colorful, with white background.

Authenticated, clear and complete copy of passport or equivalent travel document;

Authenticated copy of the identity card of the other parent of the Brazilian child;

Certified copy of birth certificate of offspring;

Declaration that the offspring live under their care and economic dependence, with a recognized signature;

Authenticated copy of the unappealable judgment of the action of food combined with regulation of visits, in case the foreigner does not have custody of the child;

Proof of payment of the respective fee.

Revenue Code: 140066 - R $ 168.13 (Request for Permanence)

Revenue Code: 140082 - R $ 106,45 (Foreign Registration)

Revenue Code: 140120 - R $ 204.77 (Foreigner's Portfolio)

* To check if there is a calendar available for service, reprint form 154 or generate the GRU for payment of fees, click  here


The documents issued abroad must be legalized by Brazilian consular office and translated by a sworn translator in Brazil.

The documents that must be presented by means of certified copies may alternatively be presented in simple copies accompanied by the original documents for authentication by the public server that receives them, pursuant to  § 1  of art. 10  of Decree  6.932 of August 11, 2009


The embassies abroad do not legalize the documents in every country. It depends on whether your country is a part of the hague convention or not.  You need to get it attested from the ministry of foreign affairs if not the embassy.

You need to get the translation done from a swron translator in Brazil. So the documents should be in English to make it less complicated here.
Make sure you have someone with you who speaks Portugese when you visit the Policia Federal in Floripa...they have a sign up which says all information to the foreigners will be given in English. 🤔😄😅. Amazing,  isnt it ?

Authenticated, clear and complete copy of passport or equivalent travel document?

Where can I authenticate the copy of my passport? And What do you mean by complete?

And the identity card of the other parent, why not the passport?

What is the Unappealable jugment of the action....?

Please clarify these point for me, thank you

You do it at the Cartorio in Brazil. They want all pages of your passport even blank ones  Assuming the other parent is brazilian they are asking for the identity card.


The passport can work fine as well. The authentication will be done in brazil at the cartorio. You will need to bring some more papers which the cartorio might request like cpf, or proof of residence. It varies from cartorio to cartorio.
The unappealable is if you and your partner are not living together or are not married so you are takibg responsibility of tge child and also visitation rights.

I really appreciate your assisstance .
what about Marriage certificate ? And the paernts' Birth certificates? Are they are needed

If you are married and one of you are Brazilian you can get permanency based on that.


I am married to a non Brazilian women.

I would suggest that you both go for the permanency.


So, no need for my marriage certificate  and birth certificates?

You need to submit everything listed in the requirements that I posted in an earlier reply.


Yes you need your marriage certificate and other documents of identity. They should be in English though. And attested from the competant authority in your country of origin. They will be needed at the cartorio.

Hello soie5,

I wanted to ask about natural births in public hospitals in Florianopolis. Do you know anyone that's giving birth in a public hospital naturally and if it was a positive or negative experience?

I am planning on moving to Florianopolis early May 2018 to give birth. I know public hospitals are for free thus the cheapest option but i want to make sure it is a safe option as well.

Looking forward to reading from you soon.

I know of atleast 4 families as of now who have given birth in the public hospitals in Florianopolis.

Despite the reputation of C Sections in Brazil’s. The hospital’s in Florianopolis give first priority to always try for a Natural Birth, Incase of any unforeseen incidents or if the couple chooses then they will go for a C Section.



Hello Stanza51,

is it possible to connect me with one or 2 of these families to help answer a few of my questions and/concerns.

thank you in advance!

hi Mr.James
how are u?
i would like to send a message to you in privet but i can't.
could you please help me to get some information ?
i am really in dilemma
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Hi sir, I am in florianopolis right now and I am looking for someone who could help me to apply my Brazilian child's passport and my permanent residency,I am facing a great problem because I speak only English, kindly let me know if you know someone.

I please advise me some real immigration consultant in florianopolis Brazil, I am a bit stuck because of my language,TIA

robinzam :

Hi sir, I am in florianopolis right now and I am looking for someone who could help me to apply my Brazilian child's passport and my permanent residency,I am facing a great problem because I speak only English, kindly let me know if you know someone.

I would recommend going to a language school and asking about hiring one of the English teachers as an interpreter.

Ha ha ha, thanks can you imagine I did the same today, but still looking for someone who knows what he is doing, thanks a lot for your reply

Hi Robinzam

We are based in Floripa, do let us know if you have any questions.

I have covered most of our experiences here in the forum.  Hope they help



Can i have some question?
How can we find a apartment in this city ?is it any agency that can help us?
When can we come to brazil if my wife is pregnant now?can we come on 7th month?
when child born and get passport then parents can also get passport or just can take Permenant residency?

Well you only get residency after the baby birth and you can apply for citizenship after 1 year,

Both would have to have to have a visa. Apply at the Embassy or Consulate. It will be difficult if wife is pregnant due to Brazil is closely screening coming to give birth and would not give false information for a visa, just to be turned away at the airport.
Must have proof of medical coverage.

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