Hi Merril,
I am thinking of moving to the La Ceja area and was wondering if you know of any private fincas for rent or a nice apartment in the area? I'm currently living in Jardin and would like to be closer to the airport and Medellin. If you know of anything I sure would appreciate a reply.
Sincerely yours,
Todd Smith

Hi Todd:

They are building new apartments and homes in La Ceja like there's no tomorrow.  If you make a visit to La Ceja, it would be very hard to miss them.  As far as fincas go, I don't really have much info.  I have been told fincas are quite expensive to rent, unless they're really remote, where there's only one or two buses (escaleras) passing each day.  We're going shopping later today so, I'll ask around and post anything I find.  If you send me a private message, I'll respond with my cell# and we can talk personally, if you want.

Hi Merril
Thanks for replying so quickly. Yes my Colombian number is ***.
Would enjoy talking with you very much.

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Hi Merrill I'm sorry for getting back to you late my girlfriend has my phone. If you have a way of calling me on my US# that is with me now otherwise I'll try calling again today around noon.

This is a long-term thread, and very informative. I thought I would post here instead of starting a new one. I am booked for a short visit to La Ceja October 5-8, to get a feel for the town and surrounding area as I try to decide on a location to retire from Canada. I did spend a little time in Medellin and the Coffee Zone this past winter.

I would really appreciate being able to meet up with someone familiar with the area while I am there. Please PM me if there is such a possibility. :)

Hi Peter,
I saw your conversation regarding apts.and fincas possibly for rent in Marinilla.I was wondering if you could possibly help me find a small finca for rent on the Macarena golf course side of Marinilla. I'm currently living in San Antonio Pereia and have 3 more months on the lease. It's a super nice place but terribly noisy. So if you have anything in mind I'd love to hear from you. Thank you for your time.
Sincerely yours,
Todd Smith

Hi I'm pleased to see this thread - I'm from London. I have been coming to Medellin every year for the last 6 years except last year and next year I have limited time  so maybe 6 weeks Jan - Feb 2019. I'm a road cyclist and have an existing network of Colombian cycling friends living in and around Medellin - I am on good terms with Tinno the cycle fabricator in La Ceja - So I think I am done with the city and am craving cooler and cleaner air but in a viable town with a few things to do - so Rio Negro seemed a possible choice - I like to dance a little and enjoy a beer in a bar, some hill walking and I'll bring a bike - I usually airBnB or similar with Colombian families or sometimes expats - so anyone who has information that may be relevant to my circumstances do please message me or leave a reply, best wishes Alan Malarkey

Fellow gringo biker here in Rionegro..actually a barrio of Rionegro called San Antonio. But San Antonio and Llano Grande a couple miles away are biking meccas!! Last years tour de Grance 2nd place winner, Uran here often as well as 100s..maybe 1000s of road bikérs here every weekend. If road biking ur thing youre thinking the right place. Buenas suerte!

Thanks. Yes I have cycled around el oriente many times. Do you have any group rides from where you are? Can we hook up next year? I'm on Strava and Facebook. Good wishes. ALAN MALARKEY

I sent you a friend request fb. I think maybe im not ur league cycling but i have friends here that are...and id be glad to introduce you.
Ray L.

Do you still live in Rionegro?  I recently moved here and would like to communicate with an "older" resident.

I would like to make contact with any other Expats in the Rionegro/Oriente area.  Anyone here?

Road biker?  Hooray.  When and where do you meet? EFSiegel

I just moved to Rionegro and would love to find other bikers.  When and where do you meet for rides?

Unfortunately I had an accident back in July so no cycling in the warm this year. Hopefully 2020. I believe that Tinno the bike fabricator from la Ceja goes out in a group so maybe you could call by his workshop to check it out

Sorry to hear abut the accident but thank you for the post.  How do I contact Tinno? (other than by riding to La Ceja and looking for him, that is) EFS

There is a row of shops from memory around km 23 on avenida de Las Palmas but anyway set back on a bend in the road on the left coming from Las Palmas. I would just drop in say hello and you mention me. He has an associate who speaks good English and he does a little

Safe.yes....a little cool and boring.

I think they have prepagos up there too, so you will feel well at home.

OK so I am back in the game (cycling) following a year recuperating from a neck of femur fracture I have now recovered, less fit but motivated. I will be in Antioquia late Jan to late March with a road bike so open to rides with others. and happy to help people that come and visit London. I am living near Guarne for the first month. Having always stayed in Medellin I am a little worried about not finding stuff to do. I like to hike a bit, take dance classes, meet people, participate in language swaps, chat and share a beer. I am a liberal, white older male, enjoy political debate and have great table manners. If I don't find stuff with others I'll enjoy reading, cooking and Netflix and be happy enough - I am hoping my daughter and boyfriend will join me for a couple of weeks - they cycle too. so reply or  DM me if you have ideas. good wishes.

Hi folks I'm a  US guy that had been in Medellin and Rio Negro for 5 years until I made the mistake of moving back to the USA (details to follow). I will be returning to Rio Negro Feb. 20th and with the help of my old friends renting an apartment getting an old car and possibly teaching English. I guess I'm somewhat of an expert on Colombia after a total of nearly 15 years including the 5 I lived there. I am now looking to meet more expats who live in Rio Negro just for fun and maybe a bike ride. I have Magic Jack What's App SKYPE and email for anyone that wants to chat and get my opinion on the usual questions about living in Colombia. Cheers! Happy New Year LarryG
*** to start while I'm stuck in Colorado.

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I am moving back to Rio Negro after a year in Colorado. I am a Colombia and Rio Negro veteran and would like to make some new friends and could use some help in my move back. I will arrive Feb 20th 2020 and I'm looking for a friend and if that person has a car and can speak some Spanish I would be grateful for the help and willing to pay for the time and help he could offer.

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