Top 5 tips to live in Venezuela


When you are going to live abroad, you may have a lot of questions. Hence to facilitate you in this process, we are inviting expats to share their top 5 tips with regards to settling and living in Venezuela.

What recommendations would you give soon-to-be expats in Venezuela?

How should they prepare efficiently for their expatriation project and settling in?

Please share with us your best advice for a successful expatriation in Venezuela!

Thank you in advance :)

You should have asked for 50 tips.

But the most important thing is that you have to get your visa from the venezuelan embassy in your home country BEFORE you come here to stay!

Tourists are given a 3 months visa when they arrive, but can't stay.

If you want to live here leave your savings where they are and make sure that you can make online transfers. You'll get it later, in small amounts, with a big gain.

Do not believe everthing the media say about Venezuela. Most of it is wrong or at least exaggerated.

I offer to answer your quetions:

Porlamar, Isla Margarita (21 years here!)