Top 5 tips to live in Brunei


When you are going to live abroad, you may have a lot of questions. Hence to facilitate you in this process, we are inviting expats to share their top 5 tips with regards to settling and living in Brunei.

What recommendations would you give soon-to-be expats in Brunei?

How should they prepare efficiently for their expatriation project and settling in?

Please share with us your best advice for a successful expatriation in Brunei!

Thank you in advance :)

Main thing is to get a car either company provided buy/rent one your self. Brunei public transportation is virtually non existant so my first priority there would be to get access to a car. An international driving's license is valid there for 3 months but after that you should arrange for a local driver's license, pretty easy to obtain. This would also be on my priority list.

Hi, can someone confirm whether one can use his/her country's drivers license for 3 months rather then "International Driving License"?? please let me know, I have to drive the car.

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