Philippine School In Ho Chi MInh City

Will do today

Please check your inbox.


need to contact you for my son, Richie 8 years old, can u send me a message to ***? Thanks and best regards, Mickey

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Filipino Students

Pls email me where is address the address of Philippine School in Ho Chi Minh City thanks.

Sent a message in your inbox sir.

Sent a message in your inbox sir.

pls send me as well a mail to my mail box. Thank you!

My child is 8 y old - speaks fluently (only) English - was formerly at a French school but don't want to go there anymore. Richie is my child but has VN citizenship. Send me your address and I will come with him to your place. Advise address to XXX

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did you recvd the address of the PH school? Thanks, Mickey

sent you already a private message sir Michael

Yes - good job! c u soon

Hi Sir, good day. I am just new here and planning to bring my 5yo kid here in HCMC. May I know where is the Filipino operated schools here in the city. Thank you..

Hi, Sir. Good day.

I hope you can help me find/contact/location for Philippine School here in Ho Chi Minh City. I am just new here and I am planning to bring my 5yo kid here in HCMC at the same time I will send him to school.

Thank you.

Joey Plaza

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Just sent you a message sir.

hello i was able to find ur thread looking for a school in hcm.. we are also planning to be der in june and we want to bring our daughter too. can i ask for the accredited decs schools if u happened to know some in hcm or even other parts of vietnam and how much is the tuition thank you. you can email me at ***

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i also need it the infos :) thank you.

hello can i hav the name of the school accredited by decs in hcm pls? how is the tution? thank u

Hi Mr. Llanto. I am looking for a Philippine school in Ho Chi Minh. May I know the complete address of the school?

I read that you know a Fillipino school in D7.
Can you advise the contact details of the school and any other basic information about it please. Thank you.

Hi Michael,
Could you send please the contact details of the DEPED accredited learning center in HCM. Also, if possible, please inform me the school tuition fees for grade 6 and 8.
I'll be glad your immediate response on this matter.
Thank you..

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