I am searching for as much information as I can get on Hopkins.  Rentals?  Are utilities expensive all over the country.  I see a lot of people talking about Placencia, Corozal, Ambergris Caye , etc.  But not much on Hopkins.  Is it safe?  Are there markets there  How are the beaches?  I am more interested in the "local" life and not the tourist stuff. 

Why not visit? The only way is to see for yourself. The outskirts of Hopkins are growing fast, lots of building especially to the south in Sittee Point area. Road to Hopkins under construction, roads within Hopkins and to the north and south are pretty terrible. No market in the village.
There are beaches most of the way along, although currently covered in seaweed, like many other places.

We have not relocated yet, but spent a week in Hopkins last fall, and really enjoyed it. I can tell you that we never felt unsafe, day or night. We bought some property about 30 miles from there.
The road into Hopkins from the Southern Highway should be finished by now, or close to it. The people are great - friendly and helpful. There are 2 or 3 small "Chinese markets" on the road between Hopkins and the Sittee River road, but no other markets. There are a lot of resorts in this area. Not sure about permanent living arrangements in the immediate vicinity. The beach is NOT like the beaches on the cayes, not to take anything away from the beaches there, just maybe not what you might be expecting - 'short' distances, gold/brown in color, coarse sand. Still beautiful if you ask me though. Utilities are expensive in Belize regardless of where you live, IF they are available where you live!
Visiting is the best way to find out the details!

hello Diane,  perhaps we can welcome you to Hopkins.
"utilities" are always a contentious subject.  I am from the UK, and do not find electricity ("CURRENT") expensive.my monthly bill is about B$70, for a 800sq,ft. cabana. electric shower, 2 fans, 2 fridge/freezers, kettle, toaster, microwave,etc.  but no aircon.    a friends bill is $600, when I visit the doors are wide open , and the aircons are running
flat out.   my SMART dongle is B$30 a month, for the basic package , fine for emails etc.   vehicle insurance is $350 year, cable television is $42 month.    the beaches are generally thought to be the best on the mainland, as reported elsewhere the sea weed is the worst for the seven years I have been here..    accomadation is not a problem except for December--January, which is often fully booked.  longer term rentals are available from time to time, (see the rentals section)  I think the Chinese owned stores are now better stocked than dangriga,.but fruit and vegetables are expensive in the village. (you only get 7 banana's for $1.        8 to 10  else where.    I found the expat community friendly, welcoming,and very helpful.
if I can help with more specific info. on Hopkins feel free to contact me on  "Malcolm[at]belize-is-beautiful.com.

I am finding it interesting that the beaches in Hopkins and along the Peninsula are covered in seaweed, however the property we just purchased is not.  And it is not being maintained by anyone yet.  It is curious as we have been up and down the coast all the way to Cancun and all the beaches are covered and a mess unless someone is out hauling the sargassum away.

I am hearing from lots of sources that groceries are expensive which we have also found during our stays in Belize.  Is anyone growing their own fruits and vegetables?  Chickens?

we stayed in hopkins for 2 weeks in feb. 2015 at coconut row. we had a great time, we did go  sight seeing one day but for the rest of the 2 weeks we spent on the beach and walking around town. loved the town and people, very laid back. didn't feel unsafe or scared but we were home by dark every night.
my wife & i spent a lot of time reading and playing cards, we're not the type of people that always has to be doing stuff.
when i retire in the next 2-3 years would like to spend part of the year in hopkins and the other part in florida (st augustine) where we live now.

You say utilities are expensive. What would you pay for a month electricity for a couple. Thanks.

hello Sue, my post march 25 has some info.  when I have  a visitor my bill is usually just under B$90 amonth, mainly due to increased shower use. the unit charge is 25.844 belize cents per unit.,    I under stand a "cement" house. with air con.will use much more.     the UK charge per unit converts to 36 belize cents.    Canadian power is probally the cheapest in the world , due to long established hydropower generation.

Does anyone hire out paddle boards or have paddleboard lessons in Hopkins or have paddle board pilates?

Thanks, I did see your post after I'd posted my question. I live in Australia and I pay $150 per month, so costs are relative aren't they. Belize is cheap.

Hopkins Stand Up Paddleboard Co is run by Martin Sprague
It is a wonderful place to have a memorable experience.
Martin can provide you with all the information you will need for a terrific stay in the area.

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