Currently looking for housing in the Westlands area.

Hi, my name is Sarah and I will be moving to Nairobi in the next week or so. I am from the US and am studying public health. I have an internship at the UN until August. Currently looking for housing in the Westlands area.

Hi Sarah. I do live in Westlands myself and am renting at the moment. Regarding housing, do you have a budget ? and any particulars? Its great that you got an internship here, is it your first time to visit kenya ?


you are welcomed...Don't hesitate to email me at markronaldomondi[at]
I got people who can help you find a nice home for you

Hello Sarah,

Welcome to Expat-Blog..:)

I would like to inform you that i have created a new discussion from you post on the Nairobi forum so that members can help you.

I would suggest you to have a look at the section Housing in Nairobi so that you may find a suitable accommodation.

Thank you


Hi I lived in Westlands and its expensive for what it is. If you are at the UN and you want a cheaper house then look at Parklands/Westlands area. New Leresho if you have a car. Parklands is where you can get bargains and decent meat etc. Its cheaper as well. Parklands has 5 roads Parkland 1,2,3,4,5 4 & 5 at the top of Parklands but 1 & 2 on the outskirts of Westlands.

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Hi there!

Welcome to Nairobi.
I have suitable accommodation in Westlands. A room in a B&B with free use of the kitchen for USD800 per month.

Kindly let me know if you're interested.

Best regards,


[at] Ag > Welcome :)

Can you please post your offer in the Rooms for rent in Nairobi section? it is the most appropriate section for your ad.



Thanks Priscilla

What is your budget? would you like homestay furnished room?

One bedroom Loresho area. 30,000/-, toilet and bathroom partially furnished.

try ** i will see what i can do

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Hi there. Would you like to stay in Runda, near the UN with a family?

I have found housing. Thanks everyone!

Hi, welcome to Nairobi, where I live in Westlands there is an empty flat. Let me know if interested.

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hi what kind of a house would you be looking, how many bedrooms .furnished or unfurnished . thanks

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