Looking for a job in jakarta

hi all,

      I am from India working in IT sector for past 7 years.. My future wife is from jakarta and she stays there. I am currently looking for a job in jakarta to move with my family. ready to work in any industry. It would be highly helpful if you all can guide me.


Whilst shopping in Giant supermarket, Bintaro (Where their big new office is), I've noticed a whole bunch of Indian blokes working there. I'm unsure what their job is, but it's white collar.
Might be worth a punt.

General rule of thumb.

Getting a work permit and visa is a mess at the moment (a few threads on that one) but the upshot is this:

If you have a skill a local can't offer, you can get a legal job.
If a local can do that job - there is no hope of a legal job.

You also need to have a diploma and proof of min 5 years working experience in the this particular field you intend to work. At "advisory" level (marketing, technical etc) one will only get a new work permit for 6 months......

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