From Moscow living now in belgium looking to make GIRL friends.

Hello and bonjour to everyone! I am 29 y.o. and originally coming from Moscow, Russia but now i live in Belgium with my husband, i look forward to making good new girlfriends here and learn as much as possible about the country!

Hello AnnaTi and welcome to Team :)

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Hi, im Laura, i just moved to belgium- Leuven with my boyfriend and i dont have any friends here :)
im coming from Latvia- Riga, i speak a bit russian but its not perfect :D
in which city u living? how u like belgium?

hi i m also new in Belgium n i m living in Brussels. i visit ones in luven. its a nice city. i have also same situation like u. i don't have any friends here.  :( [color=#24F10D[/color]

Hi Anna,

I am from Bulgaria and have been living in Belgium for 2 years with my husband. I do have friends, mostly from work and the friends of my husband but it is hard to make your own acquaintances and friendships in Belgium, especially where I live on the coast in the West Flanders. In which part of Belgium are you living? If you are close to Brugge or the coast, I will be happy to meet you.



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