Need Maid / Amah cum driver for home

I need maid or Amah who can drive and bring my kids to school.
me and my wife working as doctor and we are expat here in brunei.
any body interested contact us . we can give 2 years job/ working visa.

Im 43 male from india 20 years I was in Dubai now jobless I can b a driver and manage all things in a house I can bring kids to school may b I can be ur cook too but Im not sure I can look after ur kids I can care them sure

Im single unmarried too

Hello salaziz

I invite you to drop an advert in our Personal driver job opportunities in Brunei section.

This might prove helpful

Kenjee Team

Thank  you for clearify.
I do that next time.
Take care

[dear sir iam 30 years driving automatic and manual car iam no smooking no drink alchahol, speaking english, arabic hindi ,urudu tamil and malayalam 18 years worked dubai, qatar and saudiarabia personal and family driver .presently i have no job iam married two children father they doing higher education , iam looking for your replay thanking you iam 53 years old       by   sasikumar color=#EE4E11][/color]


I just read your message on the Brunei forum.
I am a female who always wanted to experience life in Brunei.
I am now almost retired from education. I teached english in a vocational school and worked before in an international department of a bank.
I studied languages and got my master in arabic-french-english.
If you want a responsible person, caring for children and driving them to school, I would be more than happy to assist you.
I visited Malaysia among other countries and I really liked the people and the country. People were very helpful and polite. It is a country where I wanted to live in really.

Looking forward to hear from your family,

Best regards,


Hi everybody,

I advise those looking for a job and those looking to recruit some new employee(s) to post his ad in the Jobs in Brunei section under the appropriate category.

Thank you and good luck to all


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