transferring to another country

I am planning to transfer to another country (from here in UAE),without going back to philippines,my target country was singapore, malaysia, italy.
Can you give me an advice on how hard it is? I have really no idea. Thank you.
P.s, I checked and try already online.

Hi brunomars,

you can transfer to your target country directly from the UAE, providing you fulfil the visa requirements. Your have to contact the relevant Embassies in UAE for your application.

I can't tell you how hard it is- it depends on many factors and each country has different rules and workforce needs. Italy has a relatively high unemployment, so I assume it will be difficult find a job there. The EU member states also have to give EU citizens preference when it comes to hiring. Unless you are a skilled worker and your profession is in demand Italy might be challenging....

Thank you so much.
It is really challenging.  :(

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