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Thank you all for sharing wealth of information on moving to Montenegro and company registration. I am a B2B marketing consultant and looking to move to Montenegro in October. I will appreciate contacts of good and cost efficient accountants who could help me in registering company and processing of work/resident permit. Any tips/guidance will be welcome


hi im tafil shala from kosovo prishtina i work as a woodworker and how can i bring to montenegro furniture i would like to know

Hi, just ask. have you moved in Montenegro already? have you set up the business? i think i will go through the same process as yours in few months.

Hi everyone, thanks for interesting informations.

I am living in Turkey , working in a Turkish and also i have a self-employe company (sole proprietorship)  here which design boats and yachts, I have some plans to close my company here and set up in Montenegro by renting a virtual office because of lower income-taxes. In turkey i pay between %25-35 income taxes every year.
I will keep to stay in Turkey , so i quess just a virtual office and self-employee company is enough for me.  Do you think this is logical?

I can only confirm that if you request a residency permit based on having opened a business and being the "director" you must live in Montenegro.  I am not sure if you can run the business remotely, but I know my immigration consultant said you can not be out of side of Montenegro more than 1 month if you want to keep the "residency permit".   It is best to speak to an immigration consultant. Anyone who needs a recommendation can PM me. I know a good one.


In our consulting agency we work with some client from Turkey  regarding to visa˛˛&work permits as well . For starting the business here in MNG should be open one company with one person as director and should have permits and than you can work from Turkey and lead your business normally. Here will be tax residence as well to pay tax and contribution on the salary and on income....If you want more detail info please contact us...

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Hi, can u recommend a company to help to start a business?

OPJM123, Your immigration consultant is wrong. The Immigration law of 2018 (updated in 2019) says that the executive director of the company can be absent from MNE without limitations while having one-year temporary permit.

Mchua :

Hi, can u recommend a company to help to start a business?

Feel free to send me PM, my agency provides these services

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