Life in Atyrau

Hi. I am considering moving to Atyrau with my husband and small children. Can anyone tell me what it is like for small kids and stay at home mum in Atyrau: safety, activities, schooling, parks etc.
Another big one for me is pollution. What is air pollution like in Atyrau? Is it as bad as Almaty?
Are you happy living in Atyrau?
Any information greatly appreciated! Thanks

Hi Sue,

I have lived in Atyrau for 4,5 years, although just (Dec.14) moved back to Holland I feel I can certainly enlighten you a bit about life in Atyrau.

The expat community in Atyrau is large, which means you will not have any difficulties connecting with other moms.
At the moment there's only one International school, which is QSI International. Around 130 children aged 4-approx.16 y.o.   Please find their website here:  Please do not hesitate to contact the director mr. Eben Plese, he is very appraochable.

Air pollution is not as bad as in Almaty, but it's certainly there. Unfortuantely no one knows exact figures as they are not made public. Atyrau is a flat area and it can be pretty windy, therfore the Almaty-situation (smog cannot be blown away by the wind because of the surrounding mountain) is different from Atyrau.

If looking for contact with other spouses/moms you could also connect with one of the International spouses groups by sending an email to:  atyrauexpatspouses[at] 

Or you could join the Facebook group: Expats in Atyrau, although this group is a mixture of expats and locals.

If you'd like to share the age of your children I might be able to refer you to some families currently living there.

I hope this information is helpful for your preparations.



Hi Essebes,
I found your information very good for me that I'm going to move to Atyrau.

If you don't mind I will ask you some other information. Since I'm celiac do you know if there are gluten free product in the supermarket or if some website does shipment in the city?

And what about safety and hospital. How is there?
Thank you really so much

Hi Daniela,

I have no idea about glutenfree products in the supermarkets. I do know that current custum laws allow you to bring in food, up to a maximum of 10 kg's per person (in your suitcase or handluggage). The same allowance (10kg free of duty) is for sending food to Atyrau, although take good notice of possible delivery times.
I have used normal post for sending myself food a fdew times (from Holland to Atyrau),delivery times of 3-5 weeks, but NO interferance of customs and no duties to be paid.

Medical situation is no so good I am affraid. Our company had a contract with the iSOS clinic (behind Renco hotel) and that was the only place we were allowed to go to. Local hospitals are a no-go. Please consult your (future) employer and ask for his arrangements.

I did use dental services in Atyrau at a private clinic (Daris VIP Clinic on Satpaeva Street). My implant procedure went all fine, but I was less impressed with the root canal services they performed on me.

Hope this helps you, good luck!


The ecological situation in Atyrau is catastrophic. There is constant H2S ( hydrogen sulfide) pollution of the air from Tengiz. Moreover there is a station inside the city, basically in the middle of the city, where the oil cisterns are cleaned, so there is persistent smell of mercaptan gases.   If you want to get a cancer - you are welcome to this city...Anyway do not bring your kids there! I think,  good salary cannot compensate the permanent health damage that you will get there.

For those currently living in Atyrau, is the pollution really bad, like what "Impudent" stated? I have many colleagues who are already there and they have not said anything about this.

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