Applying for family reunion visa

I am applying for a family reunion visa for Belgium.In the visa application form you specify the purpose of your travel which has options like  -
1. Tourism
3. Visiting family or friends
4. Cultural
5. Sports
7. Official visit
6. Medical reasons
10.Airport transit
11.Other (please specify)
Which one should I mark in this case since this is an application for a family reunion long term visa?
Could you please help?

Select other and write: "Joining Spouse"

Hi ,
What to select for own application If going to work in Belgium?

Hehe.. Other, and "Employment" ?

i'll going to apply D Visa dis month. so expecting some information from Indian or sri lankan who succeed with this procedure.


How is it going with visa d in your case ? Have you received file number and able to see the status in dofi web site ?

Normally kid's visa is approved without much hassle.

Are you sure consulate sent the application to Belgium for a decision ? If yes, you can contact dofi (ministry) (either directly or via an attorney) to explain them the situation and request to speed up the process.

Yes, today I received the acknowledgement from consulate that they sent the file to Belgium. Difficult to find out good attorney in Brussels who can explain the situation and convince authorities..

i married with a Belgium citizen, so i applied family reunion. last month i already handover my documents. still didn't hear from them. already one month now.

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