Need an insight about Abha and stay there..

Hi guys.. could anyone give me any insight about stay and life in abha.. I have been selected to work in KKU and I am a doc... I know that it has pretty good weather..but what about expats now and ambience and shopping malls.. restaurants.. any western compounds where I can choose my accommodation.. any info is welcome...thank u :)

I worked there for three months. The people are nice enough. However, it is quite conservative. People might think its strange to see a women buying items in the evening or not covering your head completely. It is very quiet and if you've taught in KSA before you will know what to expect from the students...

I haven't taught before.. I am a doc.. I was in Jeddah and riyadh when I was a kid.. With family...  :( ... do they have many expats there.. it would be gr8 if I can make some good frin ds..I guess

Thank u for replying  :)

Oh your a doctor...I just saw KKU and assumed King Khaled University. Yeah there is an expat community, you will probably meet people. It is not completely isolated. Anyway, good luck!

Hi avrgreen. I have been living in Abha since 1 April 2015. Working at Al Khaleej and teaching English. Would be happy to share info or hook up for a coffee.

Well Avrgreen,
It's a nice quiet place to live, but without your own community it's a pouring place, there not a lot places to hang around, while you still can find some shopping malls around Abha and Khamees area,
Its under development, Expecting more shopping area to found in the near future,
There is a nice western compounds around I am living in one of them, the rent average is much cheaper than Riyadh or Jaddah, average for 2 bed room apartment in a western compound 20 to 25k / year
The city weather is amazing,  you may suffer in the begging a bit from less oxygen, but you will used to it,

Mountains, open areas, gardens, monkeys, Safari very unique.


Can anyone please suggest name of good places to live if one is working in KKU  . Name of good indian schools .

Hi all
I am Dr. Hassan, and considering to join KKU Abha as an assistant professor, could you please provide me some information about the family housing in compound (western compound) and how much the rent for 2-3 bedroom, apartment near the KKU, is there any Good english school, appreciate your response.
Dr. Hassan

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