Freelancing in Belgium as an American

Hello all,

I have a question on what it takes for me, as an american with out a Belgian work visa, to legally freelance for a company here in Belgium. A bit of background... I studied in Paris and have a few months left on my french student visa.  After pulling out of the schooling in Paris I came to Belgium to look for freelance work in my field of advertising.  I interviewed at a big advertising agency agency, and a few days later they called and asked me to freelance for them... which I will be starting this monday. In the interview I was clear that I was a US citizen and not from the EU and when they called back to ask me to freelance they never brought up anything concerning visa status.  Does anybody know what is involved in establishing myself as a legal freelancer here in Belgium? I read that I have to establish myself as my own business.   Will I be able to start on monday with out having set anything up as my own business yet?

Any insight is greatly appreciated!
Thank you!

For the requirements to be a self-employed person in Belgium see here:

As you are not an EU national, there is no way to start your activity as self-employed right away. It will take time and perhaps weeks if not months. Having said that, you need to find a workaround to bridge the gap between Monday and the time (if ever) when you will be officially register as self employed. Perhaps your embassy has some advice to offer.

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