Rejected from USA Visa

Hi! Does anyone know the schedule for interview? Is there an afternoon schedule?


Hi Faisal

Probably my post is too late for its addition in this thread, just thought to add my experience, since my case resembles yours.

Prior applying for the US tourist visa, I read this and other similar threads, and trust me, I thought for a moment that I may be rejected too.

Luckily, it didn't go that way, I got my visa approved, knowing:

I'm single
Gets hefty paychecks
Travelling history to Europe and South East.
Working in the same company for 6 years now
I don't own any kind property in my home country.

Thereby, what I have learnt is, being confident, truthful and precise in your response to the officer can really make things go in your side.

Hope that helps the prospective candidates.


You could do a US visa photo at

Hi James,

Would like to seek advise on how to establish stronger ties. I applied for US tourist visa(B1/B2) unfortunately I got denied for the reason that I am an intending immigrant not able to establish strong ties to be going back here in Kuala Lumpur. The consul didn't ask for any documents. I will share my experience with you and brief background for better understanding.

I am an expat here in Malaysia since Oct 2015. Been employed with two companies. Originally sent here for Business Contingency Plan from my employer back in Manila(Oct 2015-Feb 2016). Had an offer from a different company wherein I am still employed(Mar 2016-present). Been in Thailand and Australia aside from Malaysia for the past 5 years based my answer from the DS-160 I submitted.

I went for an interview and was asked questions. See below.

-Purpose of my application?  Answered Birthday vacation
- How long have I been in Malaysia? Answered more than three years
-What is job?  Answered System administrator and SCCM administrator
-Company Business nature?  Answered IT company
-Studied in a university in the Philippines?  Answered Yes
-Other job before my Sys Ad job?  Answered  Service Desk Analyst
-Total number of years in the IT industry?  Answered 7-8 years
-Relatives in the US?  Answered none that I know of.(not sure if they saw my mom's half sister since my mom applied for tourist visa few years back to try and take care of his now deceased dad going back to the US. I answered No in my DS-160 application as it specifies there Parents, siblings or children as relatives)
-Mother?  Answered staying in the Philippines
-Countries I visited?  Answered Thailand and Australia
-Asked where is the stamp of my entry and exit in Australia?  Answered upon arrival in Sydney no stamp by the immigration officer same goes when i departed from Melbourne going back to KL.

I wasn't asked for any documents or whatsoever thou I have prepared those that I might be needing to support my application. The consul advised me the above reason denying my application. So there i would to seek your advise. The only thing I can think of is to travel more this year again for my birthday like what I did in Australia last year. When is the best time I can try again to apply? At least how many more countries should I travel to have a better chance in getting the US tourist visa. If I apply for tourist visa to other countries Canada, Europe(Schengen ) or Japan, will those countries see my denied US tourist visa application?

Thanks in advance.

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