Belarus Residents / Long term VISA

Good evening everyone

I would like to know more information regarding obtaining a visa for long term residency (2-5 years) in Belarus.
My plans are to rent a property and purchase after about 1 year. I am not 100% sure which country I will choose due to visa restrictions in some countries ect,,, Belarus is such an interesting place and somewhere I can picture myself staying for  while

If you have personal experience with obtaining residents visas let me know the process.

Ideally I don't want to invest in a business or purchase a property immediately in order to obtain a visa like in some countries. I'm not sure what the process is or if it is even obtainable ?


Thanks for your reply, I'll call them and find out.

Visa requirements

To obtain a visa the following should be submitted to the Embassy of Belarus in the U.S. or the Consulate General of Belarus in New York.

Note: The following requirements are actual for U.S. citizens only. Citizens of other countries, stateless persons and refugees should contact the Embassy or the Consulate General to clarify the terms and conditions for obtaining a visa.

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