Bringing a newborn to Luanda

Hi All,

My husband has accepted a job in Luanda and should be moving their full time later this year.  We are trying to have a baby currently (and have been for a while) and I am looking for feedback from mom's that have either have been pregnant while in Luanda or have brought their newborn/infant to Luanda.

My husband and I have decided if I get pregnant before he leaves that I would deliver our baby back home in the United States.  Our plan would be to bring the baby to Luanda after it is 2 months old and has had its first round of vaccines.  I am looking for advice or feedback as to what healthcare/resources are available to newborns and pregnant mommas.  Do y'all feel that it is safe for newborns if they haven't had a yellow fever vaccine? The doctors said they can't have it until they are 9months old.  Malaria meds can be given after they are 11lbs and are dissolved into the babies milk.

Thank you in advance for any advice/help!  It is much appreciated.

The private healthcare is very very good in Luanda.
Newborns cannot take YF before 9 months. our kid got it locally at 18 months. No issues.
Also I personally highly discourage use of malaria prevention medication for anyone let alone a newborn. Malaria is indeed a killer but due to Luanda being a rife malaria zone; the malaria test can be done anywhere, anytime, with one drop of blood and results are given in a matter of minutes. Further, treatment these days is very effective it far outweighs taking preventative medication.
I can imagine that your husband is getting placed in Angola by a company offering a good job that includes good healthcare and a good place for you to live. The good place to live will keep out mosquitos at night. If you are out and about the old trick of covering up with clothes, especially feet and ankles. Plus the use of mosquito repellant never fails.
Angola and indeed Africa is far more family orientated than the Europe or the States. You will be so thankful when you realise that your baby got you right to the front of the 2 hour long immigration queue at Luanda airport.

Thank you so much for the response.  That is very helpful information! :)

The only reliable part of the reply was that the baby will get you to the front of the queue at the airport and the company provided accommodation should be OK .
The actual comments about medical treatment in Luanda were total drivel.  Care here is very poor and primitive though well intentioned.  I have also just seen video of people robbing a clinic with machine guns.  Any Angolans with other than very minor medical issues and who can afford it go to either Namibia or South Africa.  I worked for a large US Oil company and small children are not permitted to be brought in to the town because of the lack of facilities and one of our guys recently refused an assignment here because of lack of available care for his dog !!. 
Even the other persons advice re malaria was well intentioned but way too simplistic and does not reflect the facts.  An expat in Cabinda died from cerebral malaria last year.
Please check a lot more- your husband's HR department should be able to help but whilst the number of shootings in Angola has decreased, health care is still very poor.  I took my son to live in Japan when he was 3 weeks old.  I would never in my wildest dreams think of doing that in Angola

Sorry for possibly appearing rude. Through no fault of the majority of Angolans who are very nice people, the health care here is atrocious.  Over 75% of Angolans live on $2 per day - do the maths to the related health care.  Ask you husbands company to allow you to make a trip here and check out the availability yourself.  The other person was so busy pushing Angolan he risks you ending up in a very difficult situation

It's OK Steve, we all have our point of views. This is what such a forum is for. It should be used to share a point of view. Not to invalidate the other. Good luck to the Harrisons.

I agree on the good luck to the Harrisons but thought the original advice was actually dangerously optimistic and positive

Thank you both for your honest responses.  There certainly are many things to consider.

very good response. I am Angolan and a mother. I was pregnant and had my baby and I am having no problems at it... malaria treatment in Luanda is very efficient.

I will stop responding after this as you are in a very difficult position on knowing what is factual.  3 of my staff lost family members to malaria in the last 6 years.  Good luck but please come in with your eyes open