Dutch tourist killed in São Luis - MA


A Dutch tourist, sailor and world traveler was shot and killed aboard his sailboat in the Baia de São Marcos in São Luis - MA.

60-year old Ronald François Wolbeek was killed onboard his sailboat anchored in the Baia de São Marcos in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday, February 15, his widow said. Maria Rawi said that she and her husband were sleeping when the boat's security alarm went off. They went on deck and found three men had invaded the boat. A scuffle ensued and Ronald was shot in the chest. The three fled emptyhanded.

Police Delegado, Jeffrey Furtado, stated that Ronald and Maria had been warned over the radio by locals about the dangers of anchoring in the area, which is surrounded by favelas. He added that they ignored the warnings possibly because they didn't understand Portuguese very well.

"I'm angry, very angry, crazy with anger," said Maria. "I hope that the government will watch out for people like him and othr tourists so they'll be safe." She added that they have traveled the world and never went through anything like this, not in Africa, India or other places on the Brazilian coast.

Sorry to say that the widow is not likely to get her wish, it is doubtful to say the least that this government will ever do anything to make tourists safer in this country. Worse still this is likely to go down in the statistics as just one more of the 90-95% of unsolved murders every year in this country. My question to everyone is this.... If everybody (including the police) knew of the danger this place presented then why in the name of God didn't they ever do anything about it before??? All reports indicate that the dangers were common knowledge, yet nothing gets done, ever. I guess the "body count" hasn't reached the magic number yet.

Our deepest sympathies go out to the widow, Maria Rawi and to all of Ronald's family and friends.

With Deep Sympathy,
James        Expat-blog Experts Team

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