I am new here

Hi everyone,

I am new here.

I am from Malaysia I use to come here since 2004 to 2011 to Cambodia helping an NGO to built schools in the village. Then in 2004 I came here and stay in Battambang. Besides I am trying to plant some useful plants like toothache plant, king of bitters, mulberry, moringa , cat's whisker, sabah snake plant etc. I am trying to find more herbs and share.
I will go home in September 2015 and come again.


Hi Chung,  I am from USA and am interested in useful herbs too. I live in Phnom Phen. You may email at l.g.franks[at]gmail.com.  I would like to meet you and share.    Cheers Lawrance

Nice to hear tha Chung! What a way ti stay in Cambodia. Sure yiure heloing a lot people. Hope i can help you finding more herbs but honestly i heard only those herbs that youre planting for the first time, the name itself sounds hekpful abd interesting.



Are you here, you can contact me at *** for more info about toothache plant -spilanthes acmella Thanks

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