Psychiatric Test For Marriage

That's BS! 
I did the routine in DaNang...Including the paperwork to get married...I don't believe more than 1.5 million ever passed across the counter for anything.  One million was for the initial paperwork and that only took a week or so.  I think the medical bill to prove I was crazy was about 125,000 vnd and that was listed as being such.  The only 'gratuity' that I have paid was to the two women across the counter for their help after all was done...a bunch of flowers for each of them.
I've lived here in DaNang now over 4 years and have never had to pay any 'coffee money' any official in the City.

Haha. When the doctor asked are you crazy?  Straight away i felt OMG does the doctor know my wife or at least know something that i dont.

Ha ha ha  :o

danang is not ho chi minh city
every province is run differently, but bribery is a common practice in vietnam with government officials

"bribery is a common practice in Vietnam"    (???)

Common, read: endemic.   A rite of passage best experienced in small doses...

Like stupidity, there is no known cure.   Even 'knowledge' does not apply...

Balance in mental states..?    Now where would we find that..?     :blink:

hphansva :

I would recommend carrying with you at least four pictures of passport size photos 4 by 6 cm for both applicants.   Few extra copies wouldn't hurt.

*As of 2018 Cho Ray does not do mental certifications anymore. The hospital they refer you to is in Bệnh Viện Tâm Thần Thành 766 Võ Văn Kiệt, Hồ Chí Minh, .  It is some small run-down Hospital. You go up to the second floor and you fill out their application and give them the passport photos and give the nurse there 300,000 vnd.  She can then expedite things so you can speak to the doctor. She would then direct you to the the clerk office where you will pay 400,000vnd for each person for application fee. Then you have to give the receipt to the doctor during the interview and also provide 300,000 vnd "coffee money" so he can just sign the damn form.  Otherwise he will find some reason to fail you.

That small run-down hospital is the Saigon Mental Hospital and it is a good place to find a psychiatrist for this pre-marriage procedure. It is where we went for the same reason. For the person asking about Vung Tau, I don't know if there is a qualified psychiatrist for this test there, but why don't you ask at the same local committee office which is processing your marriage certificate?

In VT they require a full medical check and no mental check.

I did my marriage paperwork in Phuoc Buu, a small town in BRVT provence.They only wanted a mental check and no physical.

trung tâm pháp Y
35 Trần Bình, Mai Dịch, Cầu Giấy, Hà Nội, Vietnam
It’s in Hanoi, done within one hours hassle free $1300 VDN
Hope it’s help

Ah so complicated.. I went a few months back and took less than an hour.. No questions.. Just basic fee

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