South African in Stockholm wish to meet other south africans


My name is Sandra Pinto proud to be an South African at the moment very new in Stockholm Sweden ,would love to connect to other wonderful South Africans.

Tons of hugs


Hi. I am agree

Haw  old are u


Where u Rom?from

I am from syria live in swden

Send me

Hello Sandra and welcome to

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Kenjee Team

Hi there, Im new here please guide me, I want to make friends and gather info on how to move and relocate to Sweden.

Hi everyone,

[at] JMPieterse,

Welcome on board. This thread is rather old. What you can do is read the articles in the Living in Sweden guide, then, create your own thread on the Sweden forum while introducing yourself and posting your query.

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Goeie dag! There are South Africans in every city in Sweden.

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