I am Planning to move to Cambodia

Hello every one,

I am from Pakistan and i want to move to Cambodia for job purpose with 1 dependent,
i just wanted to know are there any jobs for expats and what is the standard cost of living,
i will take a visit visa and will search the job there, will they allow me to do this?? is it really easy to obtain a work permit there??
please answer me as it is urgent.

Hello arsalbaig

While waiting for members there to help you out with your different queries, I invite you to browse through our Cost of Living in Cambodia section of the forum to gather some infos from the threads there.

Expat.com Team

Dear Arsal

There is only one way to enter into Cambodia, if you have any Job offer Letter in your hand. Visit Visa to Pakistanis are also very rare. so the Maximum possibilites will be to allow you to go back from Airport. Even from Pakistan, the Authorities in Pakistan will not allow you to leave Pakistan if you don't have any invitation Letter from Cambodia. So it better for you to add recruiters on your Linkedin Profile and 1st get the Job here, Then you can easily move to Cambodia. Further for your information the Cost of living here is very expensive and you must have at least $2,500 Salary (Considering one depandant). This much amouont you will not be able to save some thing.
I hope my reply is self explanatory.

Best Regards

Mr. Mahboob,

I am obliged by the reply of yours, thank very much for giving me these informations,
one more thing i would like to ask that what kind of job opportunities are there in Cambodia i mean mostly in which sectors a person can find job easily??

Dear Arsal

Not sure about this but you have to find and apply your respective feild of Experience. If your CV will be strong enough, then the recruiters will obviously contact you.

Thanks once again.

You mean 2500 US $? Although I do not live in Cambodia, I just read through the topic (https://www.expat.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=438925), and I also just came back from a vacation, so I must ask you why you would come up with such a high amount? Of course, if he wants to live in a big house in a good area, he might spend that much, but otherwise that seems quite a lot.

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