Leaving Belgium - what formalities need to be done

I'm going to leave Belgium soon and back to my home country.
I'm looking advice what formalities need to be done before my departure ?
As far as I know I should deregister in local commune. But what else ?

I am not familiar with the process but I would say to add the below to your to-do list:

- check possibility to "export" social security/pension rights accrued while in Belgium (if you are student this does not apply);
- ask your social security back home whether they will require you to produce a certificate or something similar issued by Belgian social security;
- find out whether you are still covered by Belgian social security for a few weeks after your departure (in case you have an accident just after departure, you need to know who pays)
- make necessary arrangements to file your tax declaration in 2016 for the months you have been Belgian resident in 2015 (my guess is that they need to know your new address to send you the tax forms early next year).

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