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Hi there, i recently visited Thailand and met many friends. Thailand got me and in England i have suffered from marriage breakdown, in turn depression from controlling behavior from wife. I have come back with the attitude 1 life live it. I have Worked in cleaning industry all my life, managing upto 150 sites, and latest £1m Chelmsford university as contract manager. The climate lifted my mood tremendously, and has give me a new lease of life. Is there any advice, help anyone can help me with. Ideally i'd like to be Koh Samui. Many Thanks Darren

Hello dazza38

While waiting for members to give you some advice, I invite you to read our articles in our Guide of Living in Koh Samui

You may find info to help you realise your project.

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Many Thanks

Hi Dazza,

Have you had much help to your query? I live in Koh Samui with my gf and am happy to help if you need :)

The first problem you need to solve is which visa you meet requirements that will allow you to live in Thailand.

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