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Hi folks,

I am being moved to Jakarta in a month or two. My company is offering me around 2200 USD per month. Is this a good salary to live in Jakarta. I spend a lot and am a party person. let me know if i shud be taking this offer or not.

To be honest you would be better making that decision,not us.

See these forum posts for more information

Some of these will help you find your answer.

Good luck

thanks for replying lukereg.

Of course i have to make that decision myself.... what i meant was, shud i ask for more.
As this is my first time living in a foreign country, needed some help in making a correct decision.

Also, in the amount what i am getting i should cover all my charges - accommodation, travel, food, then my personal expenses like shopping, parties .. etc

Thanks for the links that were helpful, but my doubt is still not cleared.. :|

That's about Rp27 million/month.
A drunk could easily waste that much, ending up working all week to keep the bar owners driving BMWs.

I din get what you said Fred... Do you mean its a good sal or a bad sal?

puneet2401 :

I din get what you said Fred... Do you mean its a good sal or a bad sal?

For most, it's more than enough.
If you want to live in bars, hanging around with gold diggers, you won't have anything left after the first two weeks.

Hey .. I live a very normal life here...  but I do go out once a week... n yes.... love to travel...

So what I am able to gather is this is not enuf.... :(

Easily enough, but not to party every night.
Travel can be cheap. My advice would be to use trains and buses. You get to see more, and meet people.

That's absolutely fine.

I want job.

amitkhatnanirssb :

I want job.

Your post and profile suggest your chances are limited

If $2200 per month is enough for you in your own country then it would be enough in Indonesia..

Many westerners assume the cost of living in Indonesia is not all that far removed to that in their home country so, when they see silly rents aimed at them, they assume it's fine - it isn't.

The old advise stays true.
If it's priced in Dollars - ignore it.
If a local on a good local salary (Say Rp10 million/month) couldn't afford it, your either looking at a rich place with private swimming pools, or you're being ripped off.

Google - rumah disewa <area of interest>

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