Need help to find Job in Vienna

I am planning to study in Vienna and hopefully be there in April 2015. I would like to get some help to find job which I can use English as I do not have any German at the moment but I will be studying German in Vienna.
If anybody can help me it will be really appreciated. I can tell you that I have an experience in Marketing and Project field according to my profession and have an experience in Hotel jobs and waiting jobs.

So looking forward for some help.

English is great to know, but 99.9% of jobs require German as it is the mother tongue.of Austria.

I am investigating the possibility of studying part of my Masters degree for six month in Vienna and my husband would like to come too - can anyone tell me if he would be able to work there?  He was a truck driver for 15 years and is now a roading contracts branch manager in New Zealand. Unfortunately neither of us speak German but we're willing to start!

German is a must.

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