KSA Stay extension

My KSA visa was stamped in 28th Oct 2014, Multiple entry & duration of stay received 90 days. I had travelled to Bharain on 21st Jan 2015 for a day to get my stay extended.
My question:-
1. How many days i have got my extension..?
2. Can I transfer money with this extension and how long..?


When did you last entered the country. Your visa is validity is 90 days up to a limit of 30 days per trip. So if you last entered the country on the 21st of Jan, you should calculate + 30 days from the date of entry.

My Visa validity was for 90days with a 90 days stay validity.
I travelled to bharain and came back within my Visa validity duration.
So many days more ext i got 30 or 90?

You will have 90 days from re-entering KSA. Make sure what ever happen don't over extend your stay. Not even one day over 90 days.

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